Quick Tip: Roundtable TSMS Server Upload

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The Roundtable Server Upload tools enables you to deploy Objects from a Workspace to a remote WebSpeed or AppServer host, thus eliminating the need for other access to these servers (such as FTP or shared directories) for deploying server-side code from Roundtable Workspaces. Learn more about how it works in this video quick tip brought… Read more »

Three Things You Need to Know about Roundtable TSMS 11.5 Today

Director of Business Development Jaclyn Barnard lists three things that everyone in the Roundtable community should know about the latest release. 1. Roundtable TSMS 11.5 offers the option for private, parallel development. In case you missed the buzz, this means that end users upgrading to the latest release can now experience, as Roundtable Product Architect… Read more »

Progress Is All Around Us – And It’s a Wrap!

Progress recently announced Roundtable Software as the winner of the Powered by Progress Award in the Social Media/Web category. Director of Business Development Jaclyn Barnard shares how a desire to “change the conversation” sparked the vision for this award-winning campaign. We have been Powered by Progress for almost 20 years – and proud of it. When Progress Software challenged its partners to… Read more »

Bootleg Video: Using Roundtable TSMS in an Agile Shop

You’ve heard that Agile development could produce better results more quickly. What you haven’t heard is how a scrum master could leverage existing solutions like Roundtable TSMS to manage these sprints. Michael Solomon shares how in this bootleg video from PUG Challenge Americas. “Caught on tape” is Michael’s primer on Agile development (what it is, its benefits) followed… Read more »

appSolutions Releases Roundtable TSMS Automation ToolKit 11.2

appSolutions, a Roundtable TSMS services partner for more than ten years, recently announced the 11.2 release of the appSolute Roundtable TSMS Automation Toolkit. The latest release has been built for Roundtable TSMS 11.2 and can be used with OpenEdge versions 10.2B+ and 11.x. The new release contains significant enhancements from the initial release in 2012. In addition… Read more »

Progress Is All Around Us — Update

The end is near. Marketing Assistant Jess Barnard recaps how we fared (and are faring) with our photo-driven “Progress Is All Around Us” social media campaign. With camera, map, and Powered by Progress sign in hand, Jaclyn and I headed out on a few sunny SoCal afternoons for a photo shoot featuring people, places, and things that… Read more »

Roundtable TSMS for Agile Development

Did you know that Agile shops can benefit from Roundtable TSMS? In this month’s video tip, Roundtable Consultant Michael Solomon explains how you can leverage task management features in Roundtable TSMS to support Agile methods. According to Michael, the Roundtable Tasks window (see image below) gives you the ability to define the work within each sprint… Read more »

Roundtable TSMS 11.2.4 Task Imports

Do you want an easier way to find and import Tasks? How about the ability to compare a version currently in the workspace with a version that is going to be imported? In this video tip, Roundtable Product Architect Jeff Ledbetter shows us how that is possible with just one of the new features in the… Read more »

Progress Is All Around Us — Outtakes

We are having such a great time with our “Progress is all around us” photo campaign. Thank you so much for all of the likes, shares, and retweets. Keep them coming Progress community! Perhaps some of the biggest gems from this campaign have been the photos … specifically, the ones that we didn’t like. At… Read more »

Progress Is All Around Us

When you live and work Southern California like those of us on the Roundtable team do (poor us, right?), sometimes it is easy to feel isolated from the fun and energy (or “sparks”) generated by Progress on the East Coast and Europe. After further thought, it occurred to us that we do not need to… Read more »