Progress Is All Around Us — Outtakes

We are having such a great time with our “Progress is all around us” photo campaign. Thank you so much for all of the likes, shares, and retweets. Keep them coming Progress community!

Perhaps some of the biggest gems from this campaign have been the photos … specifically, the ones that we didn’t like. At first, I placed them all in a folder to avoid ANY possible chance that we might post them. After seeing them together, I thought they were pretty funny. Why not share?

Without further ado, here are the photos (so far) from the “Do Not Post” folder. Enjoy!

There’s nothing really wrong with this photo, but there is nothing really right about it either. I can’t put my finger on it.


PBP Home Depot (3)

Everything looks fine, right? Not exactly. I am standing on a cart, and its about to roll right out of this shot!


PBP Epicor (7)

Yes, this is how my photos look 98% of the time — eyes half closed, me standing awkwardly.


PBP Goodwill (2)

It was hot and I was hungry … an In-N-Out Burger would have been nice.


PBP Northwestern Mutual (5)

It was a long day, and I was trying to “have fun with it.” Result — awkward!!!


PBP Subaru (2)

I asked Jess to “look more excited.” This is what we got.


PBP Transitions (8)

I look SO inspired! I have NO idea why.

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Our next “Progress is all around us” photo comes out on Monday.