Bootleg Video: Using Roundtable TSMS in an Agile Shop

You’ve heard that Agile development could produce better results more quickly. What you haven’t heard is how a scrum master could leverage existing solutions like Roundtable TSMS to manage these sprints. Michael Solomon shares how in this bootleg video from PUG Challenge Americas.

“Caught on tape” is Michael’s primer on Agile development (what it is, its benefits) followed by how you could immediately get started managing Agile methods with Roundtable TSMS.

Are you not quite convinced that Agile development is right for your group? Or are you still a little unsure how to manage Agile methods with Roundtable TSMS? Then definitely watch these videos captured live at the session by an attentive audience member. You will be assured.  Michael provides plenty of examples.

DISCLAIMER: We are calling these our “bootleg” videos because the quality is questionable.  You could download the official slide deck and high-quality audio for this presentation directly from the PUG Challenge Americas website (find #2670). It won’t be as exciting as seeing and hearing Michael walk about the room (and Jim Crumley listening dutifully up front) as it is in the video, but the audio will be much clearer. Enjoy!

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