Competitively priced, commercially supported, and powered by Progress technology for the Eclipse platform,
Roundtable Team offers the power and simplicity of version control in a distributed development environment.

Version Control

Roundtable® Team provides a complete system for tracking and managing ongoing changes to development projects, application source code and related files. This innovative solution delivers powerful team collaboration and parallel development tools at a very competitive price point.

Collaborative Software Development

With the ability to manage unlimited software development projects and all project resources in a single repository, Roundtable Team provides easy and effective management of the team software development process.

Eclipse Development Environment

The Roundtable Team client is designed specifically for the Eclipse platform. Eclipse is an open source community focused on building an open development platform comprised of extensible frameworks, tools and runtimes for building, deploying and managing software across the lifecycle. As an Eclipse plug-in, the Roundtable Team client deploys and operates in a common and familiar interface for all users.

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Roundtable Team incorporates essential features for fast and efficient team collaboration
for Progress Developers Studio and Eclipse development environments.

Parallel Development
Enables geographically distributed developers to work with their own local projects and synchronize at any time with the repository.

Atomic Commits
Ensures that all related modifications are committed as part of a single change set.

Named Branching
Enables you to create a named branch from any folder at any change level.

Allows you to create labels which easily identify and navigate significant points in development history.

Browse branch-specific history. View contributing ancestors and target descendents.

Change History
Allows you to graphically explore the repository at any change level.

Comparison Tools
Allow you to compare the differences between files, folders, branches, tags, revisions and change sets.

Optimized Merging
Utilizes file lineage to streamline synchronization between development streams.

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Success Story

Roundtable Team Helps Osprey Retail Systems Effectively Collaborate, Stay Ahead of Technological Curve.

Osprey needed to coordinate efforts across a remote development team, preventing costly mistakes such as writing over each other’s code. An Eclipse-based version control tool helped eliminate these errors and more. Click this link to read more.