Progress Is All Around Us

Did you know? Northwestern Mutual is powered by Progress!

Did you know? Northwestern Mutual is powered by Progress!

When you live and work Southern California like those of us on the Roundtable team do (poor us, right?), sometimes it is easy to feel isolated from the fun and energy (or “sparks”) generated by Progress on the East Coast and Europe. After further thought, it occurred to us that we do not need to be physically near Progress to experience its reach. In fact, Progress is all around us … in things we see and do everyday.

To prove it, we thought it would be a fun (and worthwhile) campaign to take photos of people, places, and things that we find that have been touched by Progress technology. Since we are in Southern California, we decided to make it our theme, concentrating on areas within the radius of Newport Beach. For fun, we just might throw in a shot or two of the local scenery. It’s beautiful in Orange County.

So far, our marketing assistant Jess and I have gone on two “photo shoots.” Already a few folks had stopped us and asked about Progress and what it had to do with, say for example, T-Mobile, the place we were photographing. Wow! What a great opportunity to tell people about Progress!

We’d like to share what we have found with you: 
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We will be posting at least one photo a week (maybe more!) for 12 weeks. Our goal is to get the word out that “Progress is all around us.” We encourage you to comment, like, retweet, and/or share these posts, expanding and strengthening the reach of our community! Even better, share your own “Progress is all around us” photos (or photo ideas) on our Facebook page or @Roundtable_SW on Twitter. We’re listening!

Our next “Progress is all around us” photo comes out on Monday. To see the album as the campaign develops, click here. Not every picture has been perfect. To view some of our outtakes, click here.