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Launched through a Complementary Solutions Partnership with Acorn IT, Roundtable Commander provides a command line client for Roundtable TSMS, enabling you to expand your OpenEdge development projects beyond software configuration management to CI/CD and more.

Local Access to the Roundtable Repository

A simple command line interface, Roundtable Commander offers a fast and convenient alternative to
logging into Roundtable TSMS. Designed for basic grab-and-go efforts, Roundtable Commander
delivers precisely what an experienced developer needs to a local machine to answer an on-the-spot
inquiry, solve a heady problem, or complete a one-off task without having to be connected with the
central repository.

A Direct Path to Jenkins Automation

With the Roundtable Commander API, you can establish a path of communication between the
Roundtable repository and Jenkins. Once set, choose Roundtable Commander as your SCM plugin and
start building Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines in Jenkins for applications
that you manage in Roundtable TSMS.

Easy to Install, No Additional Components

Roundtable Commander can be downloaded onto any operating system that supports Java. Once
installed, you simply connect Roundtable Commander to your existing Roundtable TSMS server. No additional components are required.

Download the Roundtable Commander datasheet.


● A platform-independent command line client for Roundtable TSMS

● Ability to have a local working copy of your codebase with full change history for specific tasks or as remote backup

● Ability to integrate multiple Roundtable TSMS repositories

● Option to download multiple Roundtable TSMS workspaces

● Option to exclude/limit revision history or select a specific release from Roundtable TSMS for your local copy

● Show differences between workspaces and releases in Roundtable TSMS, even if from different repositories

● Both remote Roundtable TSMS and local repository APIs available for integration in Java environment

● A SCM plugin for Jenkins with the Roundtable Commander API

Stay Informed

This solution will be continually evolving. Ask to join our Roundtable Commander mailing list to follow the development of this partner product. 

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This product has been developed by Complementary Solutions Partner Acorn IT. To see a complete list of product features for Roundtable Commander, visit the Acorn IT Roundtable Commander product page.