Progress Is All Around Us — Update

The end is near. Marketing Assistant Jess Barnard recaps how we fared (and are faring) with our photo-driven “Progress Is All Around Us” social media campaign.

PBP2With camera, map, and Powered by Progress sign in hand, Jaclyn and I headed out on a few sunny SoCal afternoons for a photo shoot featuring people, places, and things that have been touched by Progress technology for our 12-week “Progress Is All Around Us” photo campaign. With each effort (and encouragement we received), we realized just how impressive the reach of our community is!

It’s big.

The campaign sparked the interest of Progress users all over the world and across all types of relationships from our partners at Progress to longtime clients, colleagues, and friends. (Gary Clink, Mike Fechner, and Valeriy Bashkatov, thank you for the steady support through likes and retweets!)

All_Mentions Revised

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What was most interesting about the challenge was how easy it turned out to be.

Jaclyn and I mapped out routes before heading out. Within the radius of Newport Beach, at practically every turn, we found new opportunities for our campaign. For example, we pulled up to an EFI location we planned to shoot. We parked, got out of the car, looked to our left, and saw an Eaton sign. They weren’t even on our target list for the day. We promptly took the bonus shot (see photo on the top left). Win/Win!

We couldn’t drive by an airport, bank, or car dealership without thinking: “Powered by Progress,” “Powered by Progress,” and … “Yep, powered by Progress.” There were just too many opportunities to count.


Our last drive included stops at a train depot for AF Global in Irvine, a Ricoh campus in Tustin, and a major bank near John Wayne Airport.

Some photo opportunities were obvious. Take Progress clients like Toyota, T-Mobile, Chase, and Home Depot, for example. (You see them on the Progress “Customers” page and you know exactly where to find them.)  Others opportunities were not so obvious.

Take Amadeus, for instance. Their Altea platform hosts Southwest Airlines international service. Take DMSi, for example. Their business management solution ensures that suppliers get their lumber, millwork, roofing, siding to where it needs to be. What about BDM IT Solutions? Hospitals and pharmacies all over North America are powered by Progress because they use BDM’s pharmacy medication management software. Through application partners like these, Progress technology plays a ubiquitous role in the day-to-day operations of businesses everywhere, though we may not know it explicitly.

So, did we find that “Progress is all around us”? Yes.

The real question is, “Where does the influence end?”

We’re not done finding out.  Follow us on Twitter to catch the final posts of this campaign.  Click here to view the whole collection (as it develops) on Facebook. The campaign ends in May.