Seamless Integration with the OpenEdge Platform

There is no need to adopt and manage other technologies to achieve your business goals. Our software configuration management solution is integrated into the Progress OpenEdge platform — delivering proven performance, security, and scalability for your software applications with technology you trust.

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“Our productivity and quality improved dramatically right out of the gate. That first year our time-to-market decreased by 12 months. With our most recent release, we were able to get an entire process for an enhancement request down from two weeks to two days.”

Mark Opfer, Senior Software Architect and Development Team Lead, DMSi Software

“Our ability to provide a state-of-the-art, stable solution has become one of the cornerstones to our success and one of the key reasons we maintain a 99% retention rate. Roundtable TSMS is a critical element to maintaining that level of quality.”

Ray Ackerlund, Vice President, Marketing and Product Management, Skyward

“I no longer have to constantly go back and forth, providing explanations to auditors. With Roundtable TSMS, now the [Sarbanes-Oxley] auditing process starts, and we are done with it pretty easily, and we pass.”

Bill Gee, Functional Consultant to IT, Ball Corporation

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