Roundtable TSMS delivers integrated Software Configuration Management to the Progress OpenEdge Studio and Progress Developer Studio development environments (see our OpenEdge Compatibility Matrix). Integrating task management, version control, impact analysis, smart compilation, release control and schema management, Roundtable TSMS is a complete change management solution.

Experience Complete Visibility and Control

Roundtable TSMS provides a project view for your application at every stage of the application life cycle. Navigate application resources, database schema, graphics, data files and documentation – virtually anything that makes up your application. View object version history, call trees, where-used information and objects in tasks. See descriptions, current states, attributes, version notes and change information for each object – all from within the software configuration management for OpenEdge development environment.

Improve Product Quality

Roundtable TSMS automates the promotion of changes throughout the development life cycle. Using the integrated impact analysis tools, users can instantly see what has changed, who changed it, why it has changed and what is impacted by a change. Automated movement of baselines ensures that what gets changed gets tested, and what gets tested is what the end users receive.

Automate Application Deployment

Roundtable TSMS manages the application release level for each end user site, enabling the creation of optimized deployment packages. The deployment packages contain everything needed to deploy software changes, update schema and compile your application updates at end user sites.

View a complete list of Roundtable TSMS features or download the Roundtable TSMS datasheet.

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Proven and preferred, customers find that they cannot imagine a world without Roundtable TSMS. The Roundtable team is continuously innovating the solution, delivering new features, performance enhancements, and ongoing compatibility with OpenEdge.

“Our solutions are very dynamic and flexible and can accommodate some of the most complex plans out there. We have a proven track record for delivering products on schedule and within budget. Roundtable TSMS plays a key role in our ability to be so responsive and agile.”

Senior Technical Engineer, Multi-Billion Dollar Technology Leader

“Our previous processes were very manual, very tedious, and prone to a lot of mistakes. With Roundtable TSMS, life is much different. We couldn’t imagine going back. It makes us wonder how we got by for as long as we did without it.”

Andrew Power, Manager of Software Development, CMS Transport Systems

“Despite adding more customers, more features, more developers, moving to SaaS and transforming our internal development strategy, Roundtable TSMS has kept pace with us each step of the way. With Roundtable TSMS and Progress OpenEdge, there are no limitations to what we can do.”

Ray Ackerlund, Vice President, Marketing and Product Management, Skyward

Roundtable Software also offers an Eclipse-based version control only solution.
To learn more, visit the Roundtable Team solution page.