A Comprehensive Approach to Software Development

Roundtable TSMS includes the tools you need to successfully and repeatedly implement your software configuration management best practices with every software development effort. These benefits come as part of one comprehensive solution that your development team does not have to build, maintain, or support. Instead they can focus on what matters most to your business: your business.


  • Access control
  • Backup of work-in-progress changes
  • Centralized repository (OpenEdge DB)
  • Configuration auditing
  • Deployment management
  • Impact analysis
  • Integrated reporting
  • Integration and extensibility
  • Labs for private parallel development
  • Release management
  • Schema management
  • Shelves for personal user libraries
  • Smart compilation
  • Task management
  • Unified development interface
  • Variants
  • Version control


  • Improves management overview
  • Maintains management control throughout the entire development lifecycle
  • Enforces auditing procedures
  • Safeguards systems assets
  • Accelerates productivity
  • Improves team collaboration
  • Improves product quality
  • Decreases time-to-market
  • Integrates with OpenEdge

Additional Information

  • Supported on all Progress-certified Windows® and Unix/Linux operating systems
  • OpenEdge-based Windows and/or Unix/Linux clients
  • Eclipse development platform plug-in
  • Produces full and/or incremental ready-to-deliver deployment packages
  • Unlimited Workspaces to match your development life-cycle
  • Role-based user security per Workspace
  • Multiple Workspaces with project-specific access
  • Manages any application resource or file type
  • Customize and extend functionality with Event Hooks and API interface

Seamless Integration with the OpenEdge Platform

There is no need to adopt and manage other technologies to achieve your business goals. Our software configuration management solution is integrated into the Progress OpenEdge platform — delivering proven performance, security, and scalability for your software applications with technology you trust.


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Praise for a full-featured OpenEdge solution

Customers periodically scan the market for new solutions,
but time and again Roundtable TSMS has proven to be the best decision for their business.

“The fact that Roundtable is so tightly integrated with the underlying OpenEdge platform just makes it so much easier for us to control both changes to the database as well as changes to our code. We can store all of the database definitions in Roundtable and make those database changes in Roundtable. That is certainly not a feature we have seen in other software configuration management tools.”

Joelle Hotte, Vice President of Customer Service, FDM4

“We periodically review other options on the market, but we just haven’t found another product with features that outweigh the benefits that we get from Roundtable. There is no need to bring in third-party solutions or to learn new technologies. That is invaluable when it comes to driving greater productivity and efficiency.”

Brent Heavican, Director of Architecture and Innovation, DMSi

“The most compelling reason for us [to implement Roundtable] was that the solution was based on the Progress OpenEdge platform. Our ERP system from QAD is also OpenEdge-based. The source code is organized and broken down by module, and Roundtable is very easy to set up and work with within that structure. It almost feels like Roundtable was built with QAD in mind.”

Michael Schwartz, Senior Systems Analyst, Transitions Optical