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Setting-up Direct Connections to a Roundtable TSMS AppServer

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Did you know that you can bypass the NameServer and connect directly to the Roundtable AppServer when using Roundtable TSMS in an AppServer configuration? When you set up an AppServer connection for a Roundtable server via the Service Parameter maintenance ProTool, the NameServer is used (see image below). This results in an appsrvtt.d that look… Read more »

Accessing Roundtable AppServers via Progress Explorer

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On Unix and Linux installations, it is typical for the OpenEdge AdminServer to be owned by the ‘root’ user. However, this can cause problems when a normal user (like your designated RTB administrator) needs to bounce the Roundtable AppServer. Generally you do not hand out root access to everyone, but if they do not have… Read more »

Customization without the Complexity: Roundtable® TSMS Helps BDM Tailor Solutions to Meet Customer Needs

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A leading provider of pharmacy software, BDM IT Solutions uses Roundtable TSMS to manage approximately 50 unique combinations of their application. Download Case Study As one of the leading providers of pharmacy software to acute-care facilities throughout Canada and the United States, BDM IT Solutions is continually adding new features to help their customers not… Read more »

Up to the Task: Roundtable® TSMS Helps Mark Information A/S Progress as One of Europe’s Leading Business Software Suppliers

One of Europe’s leading business software suppliers, Mark information uses Roundtable TSMS to satisfy the demands of its customer base while also expanding its application into other markets to generate new revenue streams. Download Case Study With more than 1,000 installations and 300,000 users worldwide, Mark Information A/S enables companies across a broad range of… Read more »

Audits, Made Easy: Roundtable® TSMS Helps Ball Corporation Achieve Compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley Act Standards

As a publicly-traded company, it is imperative that Ball Corporation achieves Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. Upon implementing Roundtable TSMS, this worldwide metal packaging company passed its first Sarbanes-Oxley audit since it became law. Download Case Study The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) has been called the most comprehensive reform of business practices since President Franklin D. Roosevelt… Read more »

WeCUG Meeting

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Click this link to view our event photo album. The QAD West Coast User Group provides support to one another in the implementation and utilization of QAD Enterprise Applications. The User Group meetings will be of an educational nature, as well as a means of communication with QAD Inc. on common issues of interest. Click… Read more »

Continuous Integration Using Roundtable TSMS

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The Roundtable TSMS API and proxy framework allows for much flexibility in your continuous integration strategy while providing means to automate development and deployment processes. Expert Thomas Hansen can demonstrate exactly how. If you missed his presentation last Fall, you can still download it and the featured appSolute Roundtable TSMS Automation Toolkit. To download the… Read more »

Duplicate Workspace PCODE Object Names

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Did you know? Starting with Roundtable TSMS 11, the requirement that Workspace PCODE Objects be uniquely named has been relaxed. This means that you can have duplicate PCODE Objects as long as they exist in different Product Modules and do not contain a physical part that conflicts with the physical parts of another Object. This change… Read more »

Roundtable Team Allows You to Explore and Compare History

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Most version control tools will allow you to view the history of changes to your repository. However, Roundtable Team takes this concept a step further by giving users the unique ability to completely explore the repository as it existed at any point in history. So, in addition to seeing what was changed, this ability to… Read more »