Roundtable Team Allows You to Explore and Compare History

Most version control tools will allow you to view the history of changes to your repository. However, Roundtable Team takes this concept a step further by giving users the unique ability to completely explore the repository as it existed at any point in history. So, in addition to seeing what was changed, this ability to explore helps you to better visualize the context of the change as well.  This feature applies to all repository resources including Branches and Tags.

To explore …
Select a change history item and choose Explore. Once completed, the selected resource at that change level appears.

Click thumbnail for a full image.

Not only can you explore history, but you can also compare any two resources at any point in history. This feature not only applies to files but to folders as well. With Roundtable Tem you can visualize the additions, deletions, and modifications of compared repository resources in a hierarchical tree-view structure.

To compare …
Select two change items and choose Compare With.
A visual comparison of the tree structure and what has changed appears.

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