Setting-up Direct Connections to a Roundtable TSMS AppServer

Did you know that you can bypass the NameServer and connect directly to the Roundtable AppServer when using Roundtable TSMS in an AppServer configuration?

When you set up an AppServer connection for a Roundtable server via the Service Parameter maintenance ProTool, the NameServer is used (see image below).

Default parameters
This results in an appsrvtt.d that look like this:
“roundtable” “wintest02” “5168” yes no “” “roundtable” “A” “” “”

If there is no NameServer running you can make a direct connection to the AppServer by specifying the AppServer URL (see image below).

Direct connection
This results in an appsrvtt.d that looks like this:
“roundtable” “wintest02” “” yes no “” “” “A” “AppServerDC//wintest02:11001/roundtable” “”

Connecting directly to an AppServer without a NameServer is desirable for simpler installations when you do not need load balancing. For these configurations, eliminating the optional NameServer means having less to configure and manage.

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