Roundtable Software Established as an Independent Company to Strengthen Market Position: Customers to Benefit from Increased Attention to Product Development and Support

FRANKLIN, TN – Roundtable Software, previously an operating unit of Tugboat Software, has announced that it has acquired full licensing rights to the industry-leading Roundtable TSMS software configuration management solution and the Roundtable Team version control solution and established itself as an independent company.  The move will enable Roundtable Software to now fully dedicate its resources to supporting the hundreds of SMB, Enterprise, and Fortune 500 customers across 20 countries that rely on Roundtable solutions to maximize and scale their efforts across the entire software development lifecycle to dramatically accelerate the production of innovative, competitive, high-performance solutions.

Roundtable Software has been formed expressly for the purpose of defining the direction of, developing, supporting, marketing for, and managing the sales of the Roundtable product line – directly and through its established resellers.  The company has established its headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee, to be closer to its core client base in North America and throughout Europe.

Roundtable Software maintains the same dedicated team that has defined and executed the vision of the Roundtable product line for over 15 years. Led by Jeff Ledbetter, Owner and Product Architect at Roundtable Software, this team will continue to closely follow industry trends, provide thought leadership, and deliver new releases. Roundtable Software will also maintain the same dedicated support, sales, and services teams.

“This is an incredibly exciting move for both our company and our customers,” says Ledbetter. “Establishing Roundtable Software as an independent company will strengthen our ability to support the needs of our user community, enabling us to devote all of our attention, resources, and expertise to further innovating the Roundtable product line.”

Roundtable Software will continue its partnership with Progress Software, a global software company that simplifies and enables the development, deployment and management of business applications. “Progress and Roundtable Software have enjoyed a strategic partnership for nearly 20 years, jointly serving the needs of Progress® OpenEdge® software customers and partners around the world. We are excited that Roundtable has established itself as an independent company because it can now focus even more effort and expertise on innovating and delivering best-of-breed solutions for our shared customers,” says Kimberly King, Vice President Global Partners and Channels at Progress.

“We have leveraged Roundtable for over 15 years to develop state-of-the-art solutions for global enterprise leaders. With the help of Roundtable, we have grown our business substantially. Roundtable has continued to help FDM4 support more complex customizations, allowing us to attract more customers and generate more revenue. This latest announcement is fantastic news for Roundtable’s customer base because it gives the company the autonomy to focus all of its efforts and resources on driving innovation and ensuring customer success,” says John Cutsey, President of FDM4 International.

Skyward has relied on Roundtable for over 15 years to optimize and streamline our Progress OpenEdge development environment. Despite adding more customers, more features, more developers, moving to SaaS and transforming our development strategy, Roundtable TSMS has kept pace with us each step of the way. This exciting move by Roundtable Software is just another example of how committed the company is to delivering the industry-leading technology and service we have come to expect,” says Ray Ackerlund, Vice President, Marketing and Product Management for Skyward.

About Roundtable Software
Roundtable Software is recognized globally as a leader in providing best-practice software configuration management solutions for the Progress Software OpenEdge® development environment. Roundtable Software’s product line includes Roundtable TSMS, a software configuration management solution for Progress OpenEdge development, and Roundtable Team, an Eclipse-based version control solution. Roundtable Software is a Progress technology alliance partner.

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