Launched through a Complementary Solutions Partnership with nodeable, buildable (previously Roundtable Automation) is an extension to Roundtable TSMS, the best-of-breed Software Configuration Management solution for the Progress OpenEdge platform.

buildable provides a set of secure REST based APIs that can be used to automate processes in Roundtable TSMS and to build new custom workflows. Automation, CI/CD and Devops enablement of Roundtable TSMS is now readily available at your fingertips.

Screenshot of buildable (formerly Roundtable Automation)

Custom Automation SDK Processes

Out of the box, there are a number of pre-defined processes in buildable to cover existing Roundtable TSMS processes. These include compiles, creating releases, imports and deployments. Also included is an advanced OpenEdge ABL SDK that wrappers all of the Roundtable TSMS APIs and Proxies (and more) that can be used to build custom processes. These can then be executed with REST calls from a generic custom automation API.

Delivered in Docker Containers

buildable is available as Docker container stack (Rancher or Docker Compose) with documentation for installation setup and use, as well as sample implementations from command line scripts and Jenkins pipelines.

Integration Points with Roundtable TSMS

buildable REST APIs can be integrated into the workflow functionality and also available for external integration with other toolsets. The automation APIs make it possible to perform core RTB functions such as:

Workspace compiles
Creating releases
Creating tasks
Workspace Imports
Making Deployments
Workspace Integrity checks
Custom Automation SDK processes
More APIs and integration points to be added in future releases

buildable can be used within the command line tools (like cURL) and CI/CD tools like Jenkins. We deliver a set of sample Jenkins projects for customers to get started with using Jenkins and buildable together.

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This product has been developed exclusively for Roundtable TSMS by Complementary Solutions Partner nodeable. To see a complete list of product features for buildable, visit the nodeable buildable product page.