Roundtable Announces Availability of Roundtable TSMS 12.3

Expands security options, adds security event history

Franklin, TN – Roundtable® Software has announced the availability of the next release of its signature software configuration management (SCM) solution Roundtable Total Software Management System 12.3, expanding its security options for both the GUI client and plug-in for Progress Developers Studio for OpenEdge.

“Roundtable TSMS distinguishes itself as the best-of-breed SCM solution for OpenEdge development because Roundtable consistently follows a ‘designed expressly for and by OpenEdge developers’ mantra,” says Jaclyn Barnard, Director of Business Development at Roundtable Software. “12.3 is no exception. Thanks to close, collaborative relationships with our customers, we can say with confidence that 12.3 delivers on real, immediate needs. For 12.3, those needs are predominantly centered around security.”

New enhancements include:

Security Administrators Role

Roundtable TSMS 12.3 introduces the ability to designate users as security administrators, enabling development groups to parse out security specific tasks – e.g., the ability to maintain users, manage passwords, and view security events – that have been historically exclusive to the administrator role.

“Development organizations have evolved. This change addresses the growing demand for more flexible administrative options,” says Roundtable Product Architect Jeff Ledbetter.

Security Event History

Roundtable TSMS 12.3 adds auditing of security and Workspace permission changes, displaying what changes were made by whom and when in the Security Events Viewer window, such as logins, failed logins, logouts, changes to user accounts, and changes to user Workspace permissions.

“Being able to review security event history enables development organizations to conclusively demonstrate the integrity of their work in response to an IT audit, internal or external,” says Ledbetter. He adds, “This feature was added as a direct result of conversations with our customers in highly regulated industries.”

Workspace Permission Groups

Roundtable TSMS 12.3 adds new permission groups to allow more granular control over Workspace security.

“These new permission groups allows you to limit the distribution of administrator access, while also relieving the burden of the administrator because some of those roles can now be assigned to specific users” says Ledbetter.

In addition to these new features, Roundtable TSMS 12.3 includes more enhancements and bug fixes for the GUI client, plug-in client, and server. To learn more and to see the full list of new and enhanced features, read the Roundtable TSMS 12.3 Update Bulletin.

About Roundtable Software

Roundtable Software delivers the leading Software Configuration Management solution for Progress OpenEdge development. Fortune 500 companies to SMBs worldwide trust Roundtable TSMS and its complementary solutions to manage the entire software development lifecycle of their proprietary and purchased applications. Its solutions reduce time-to-market, improve product quality, and ensure IT compliance. Roundtable Software is a Progress Technology Alliance Partner.