Authentication Using Active Directory

For some organizations, authenticating against Active Directory is a security requirement for all internal applications. While there are various means to achieve this integration with OpenEdge applications, this white paper highlights one approach to implementing Active Directory authentication for Roundtable TSMS.

Working with OpenEdge GUI for .Net

The addition of .NET UI and the OpenEdge Visual Designer in OpenEdge Architect 10.2A introduces two new file types that should be managed as part of application lifecycle management activities. This white paper provides recommendations for managing these files using Roundtable TSMS and the Roundtable TSMS plug-in for OpenEdge Architect.

Task Management

This white paper explains the benefits of Roundtable TSMS task management and how these features can be utilized to effectively manage the development, testing and promotion of software changes through the development lifecycle.

Preparing to Load Your Application

This white paper describes how to properly analyze your application structure and how to perform the necessary setup that needs to occur in preparation for loading your application into Roundtable TSMS.

Using Event Hooks and API

This white paper shows you how to get started with the Roundtable TSMS hooks and API.

What is SCM?

This white paper highlights the differences between Software Configuration Management and basic version control tools.