Roundtable TSMS Implementation Services

Roundtable TSMS implementation services insure that a new (or established) Roundtable TSMS installation conforms both to your business requirements as well as best practices. Services include full assessment, project planning, testing, and go-live support.

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Roundtable TSMS Instructor-Led Training

Intensive instructor-led training helps build the necessary skills to operate and manage Roundtable TSMS successfully and use the application to its fullest advantage. Our presentation incorporates lectures, hands-on exercises, and direct work with the customer’s data. Attention is focused for three separate roles: managers, developers and system administrators.

Training components include:

  • Concepts overview
  • Development environment and system review
  • Configuration review
  • Conversion planning, application migration and loading into Roundtable
  • Managing day-to-day procedures
  • Administration
  • Security

For more information about Roundtable TSMS instructor-led training, contact us.

Roundtable TSMS Self-Guided Training Videos

The Roundtable TSMS self-guided training videos include an overview of basic software configuration management concepts along with step-by-step, narrated presentations for all Roundtable TSMS features. Every major training stage includes hands-on labs. Content is narrated by Michael Solomon, a recognized expert in software configuration management and application security.

Training Guide Benefits

  • Lowers the cost of implementation
  • Augments proctor-led training
  • Ideal for mastering all Roundtable features
  • Ideal for a best-practices review
  • Ideal for training new team members

Training Guide Features

  • 13 easy-to-follow self-paced sessions
  • Over 11 hours of narrated training
  • Hands-on labs
  • Training targeted for different roles: Developer, Administrator, Architect, Gatekeeper
  • Covers standard GUI and plug-in development environments

Training Guide Sections Include

  • Understanding Software Configuration Management
  • Exploring Roundtable Architecture
  • Installing Roundtable
  • Exploring Roundtable GUI
  • Exploring Roundtable Plug-in
  • Configuring Roundtable
  • Building the Roundtable Environment
  • Populating Workspaces
  • Using Roundtable GUI
  • Using Roundtable Plug-in
  • Deploying Software
  • Managing Schema
  • Administering Roundtable

For more information about the Roundtable TSMS self-guided training videos, contact us.