Roundtable Software Launches New Automation Solution through the Roundtable Strategic Partner Program

Roundtable collaborates with Strategic Partner nodeable software to empower customers to build and implement automated workflows

Franklin, TN – Roundtable® Software has announced the availability of Roundtable Automation, a solution that extends the powerful capabilities of Roundtable TSMS by enabling users to build and implement their own automated workflows. Roundtable Automation was developed by nodeable software and delivered through the Roundtable Strategic Partner Program.

The solution provides users with a set of secure REST-based APIs that can be used to automate processes for common administration and life cycle management. These APIs can be used either individually or together as workflows. Roundtable Automation can also be used as a component of the Roundtable Dashboard to provide integrated access to the automation features together with advanced task and workspace-based workflows.

“Roundtable Automation was born out of our 20+ years of working with customers to customize, extend and automate their Roundtable TSMS implementations,” says Thomas Hansen, Director of nodeable software. “We identified those areas where users needed automation the most and then built a set of automated processes for them – saving them the time involved with repeatedly performing the manual tasks or the cost of paying a third-party consultant for weeks of service to deliver the same functionality.”

The automation APIs make it possible to perform core Roundtable TSMS functions, including:

  • Workspace compiles
    Users can automate compilations in their Roundtable TSMS workspaces.
  • Workspace releases
    Users can create Roundtable workspace releases as an automated stand-alone process or as an integrated part of the more complex deployment API.
  • Workspace imports
    Users can automatically import changes between workspaces, either interactively from a third-party dashboard like Jenkins or from the Roundtable Dashboard as built-in components in task workflows.
  • Workspace deployments
    Users can automatically create Roundtable deployments, so they can be processed outside of Roundtable.
  • Custom automation processes
    Roundtable Automation includes an advanced OpenEdge ABL SDK, which gives users access to all Roundtable TSMS APIs and proxies, enabling them to write their own automated tasks or workflows in a standardized, secure way.
  • Logging and reporting
    All Roundtable APIs automatically generate detailed, standardized logs that are saved together with other Roundtable reports, ensuring consistency, quality and full auditability.
  • Works with Roundtable Dashboard
    Roundtable Automation can also be used as a built-in component of the Roundtable Dashboard, a web-based application that extends Roundtable TSMS to encompass application lifecycle management (ALM) and provide a platform for integration, CI/CD and DevOps. Customers using Roundtable Automation can easily upgrade to Roundtable Dashboard by purchasing a subscription; no additional installation or technical setup is required.

“Success for our customers depends on their ability to continuously innovate, accelerate time to value, and quickly respond to market change. That requires agile, productive and efficient operations,” explains Jaclyn Barnard, Director of Business Development for Roundtable Software Inc. “Roundtable Automation takes the Roundtable TSMS user experience to the next level, empowering our customers to easily automate common tasks and workflows, and even build their own automated tasks, so they can improve productivity, efficiency and quality while meeting the demands of the digital age.”

To learn more about Roundtable Automation or the Roundtable Strategic Partner Program, contact Roundtable Software at or call +1 949 266 2999 x 1.

About nodeable software
nodeable software provides professional services focused on design, development, support and implementation of modern enterprise applications, application infrastructures and development methodologies. The company focuses on the use of game-changing disruptive technologies within the modern enterprise.

About Roundtable Software
Roundtable Software is recognized globally as a leader in providing best-practice software configuration management solutions for the Progress Software OpenEdge® development environment. Roundtable Software’s product line includes Roundtable TSMS, a software configuration management solution for Progress OpenEdge development, and Roundtable Team, an Eclipse-based version control solution. Roundtable Software is a Progress Technology Alliance Partner.

EDITORIAL NOTE: Since the publication of this article, Roundtable Automation has been rebranded as buildable.