PUG Challenge Americas


Tugboat Software is proud to have been a sponsor of the 2013 PUG Challenge Americas. We would like to thank all of those who stopped by our booth and participated in our “Spirit of PCA” photo contest. We got some great shots! Congrats to Paul Guggenheim of Paul Guggenheim & Associates, Robert Prediger of Web4biz, and Mike Fechner of Consultingwerk for their winning photo!

We also had two presentations at the event, “Best Practices With Roundtable TSMS” and “Continuous Integration With Roundtable”.

In “Best Practices With Roundtable TSMS” , Jeff Ledbetter explains how you can more faithfully implement SCM principles with Roundtable TSMS. Geared towards both existing Roundtable users and those wanting to learn, this presentation also provides an overview of the latest Roundtable TSMS plug-in features and how they are used.

In “Continuous Integration With Roundtable TSMS” , Thomas Hansen and Jeff Ledbetter demonstrate how various parts of the application lifecycle managed by Roundtable TSMS can be linked into CI processes. You can learn exactly how you can use ABL code, scripting, and Jenkins with Roundtable TSMS to accomplish these goals.

You can view the full PUG Challenge Americas presentation list with slides and audio here.