May Your Software “Bring Joy” This Season!?

Director of Business Development Jaclyn Barnard appropriates the popular KonMari Method for software evaluations. In this blog, she suggests that software should deliver more than bottom-line benefits: it should also “bring joy.”  To what extent does the “bring joy” factor play into your organization’s software decisions?  Take this poll


I have the pleasure of being able to say with conviction that — when matched to right customers and implemented under the proper conditions — our software brings joy. Who gets to say that? (Hint: I do.)

You may think it’s a funny thing to say. You may think it’s an unconventional thing to say. (We are talking about enterprise applications, yes?) I think it is a critical thing to be able to say. The “bring joy” factor isn’t exactly a common measurement for software evaluations. It should be. Consider the alternative.

Imagine a booming voice announcing the following:

“Roundtable Software delivers the leading software configuration management solution for the Progress OpenEdge development environment. Our signature solution Roundtable TSMS dramatically reduces time-to-market, improves product quality, and ensures IT audit compliance.”

Big whoop. These benefits are important. They are not what cause our end users to make a beeline to our booth at conferences to share how it has changed their lives or stop in the hallway between sessions to share with others that it will “change their lives too.” (Yes, this really happens.)

What is it about our software that excites people?

It enables you to be good at what you do:

“Rather than saying ‘you’ll have to wait until the next update is ready in three months,’ we can say [to our customers] ‘sure, no problem – we will get that to you ASAP.’ That degree of flexibility — to keep up with the pace of our customers’ business — is where we shine.” Read more.

It enables you to help others:

“I am aware of everything that’s going on as far as the code that’s being modified no matter where a developer [of the 250+ across the U.S. and India] is located. If I do spot an issue, I can quickly jump in.” Read more.

It enables you to go home:

“It’s because of Roundtable that I now have a life. Prior to Roundtable, I usually got home from work in time to tuck my kids into bed. By the end of the first year of using Roundtable, I was getting home in time to have supper with them because I wasn’t spending so much time chasing the bugs and phantom bugs that came from uncontrolled code movement.” Read more.

Recalling these conversations (and re-reading our case studies), the “feel goods” seem to be universal: we all want to be good at what we do, we all want to help others, and, ultimately, we all want to go home.

This is why I am unabashedly proud of our cheesy but more-meaningful-than-it-seems “Bring Joy” series (shown below) – a four-part social media campaign of warm and fuzzy animated GIFs (a departure from our usual serious business) designed to remind us that the work we do (and the tools that we use to do it) should “bring joy.” I could not think of a better time to share the campaign than now – when the holiday season and another year comes to an end. This seems to be the time when many of us review the contributions we have made, consider how we have spent our time, and remember what matters most.

We wanted to convey the joy of accomplishment, which is why our figure is carrying a flag across the finish line.

We wanted to convey how software could become a joyful necessity. We thought nothing could illustrate this better than a teddy bear.

We wanted to convey “peace of mind.” What better to convey it than a half-moon enjoying a good night’s sleep?

This animated GIF represents one of our most heartfelt testimonials: The fulfilled wish of a father to spend more time with his family.

What is my holiday wish to you?

May you find joy this season in what matters most. (Remember, a good software solution can help with that.) May your decisions “bring joy” for all of 2017.