Roundtable Announces the Availability of Roundtable TSMS 12.5

Expands 3rd party integration options, delivers on customer feedback

Franklin, TN – Roundtable® Software has announced the availability of the next release of its industry-leading software configuration management solution Roundtable TSMS 12.5.  With 12.5, Roundtable delivers improved integration with Jira issue tracking, tools to support code quality analysis on SonarQube with CABL, and new features based on customer feedback.

“Roundtable TSMS continues to be the solution that OpenEdge development teams trust to manage their enterprise applications. While the principles of the software configuration management do not change much over time, ways to improve the work within these systems and those systems that support them do,” says Jaclyn Barnard, Director of Business Development at Roundtable Software. “The vision for 12.5 and moving forward, quite frankly, is to provide clear pathways for connecting standalone products that add tremendous value to the work being done in and managed by Roundtable TSMS.”

Expands Jira Issue Tracking Integration

In direct response to customer requests, Roundtable TSMS 12.1 introduced out-of-the-box open-source integration with the Jira issue tracking. The integration enabled users to search for a Jira issue, associate it with a corresponding Roundtable task, and update the issue status all from within Roundtable. It eliminated the need for users to toggle between two systems to begin work on and update the status of an issue.

“After receiving feedback from our users, we wanted to improve and expand our Jira integration in Roundtable TSMS 12.5,” shares Jeff Ledbetter, Product Architect at Roundtable Software.

“Giving our customers the ability to store their Jira credentials in the Roundtable repository,” he continues, “makes the integration easier to set-up and more flexible. Since some Jira users have added custom fields to store Roundtable task information, we wanted to add the ability to update that data for them. Adding components that will allow Roundtable to automatically update a Jira issue with a Roundtable task number and task objects provides a seamless integration.”

Introduces Code Analysis on SonarQube with CABL

Rolled up from a 12.4.1 service pack, Roundtable TSMS 12.5 formally delivers the option for analysis of OpenEdge procedural and object-oriented code on the SonarQube platform with CABL 2.19.

“Riverside Software has developed a means to leverage the SonarQube platform for analysis of ABL code with CABL. We in turn partnered with Riverside Software to facilitate integration CABL with our latest release,” shares Barnard. “Cleaner and safer ABL code is win for everyone in the Progress community. We all take pride in (and benefit from) the robust reputation of OpenEdge enterprise applications in our industry. Our customers already deliver top of the line applications. We could not pass up the opportunity to add this substantial convenience. A big thanks to Gilles Querret for CABL and this collaboration.”

Delivers on Customer Feedback with New Features

Roundtable TSMS 12.5 adds more control for object backups and delivers GUI Client improvements.

“Something that is unique to Roundtable is our ability to store the history of work-in-process code in the repository. Some users wanted to keep those backups around longer than we had anticipated, so we made it more flexible,” shares Ledbetter.

“Regarding the GUI client,” he continues, “we recognize that it is still popular with our customers, so we want to continue to make usability improvements. Changes like remembering browse column-widths or new search options make our customers more productive which makes us happy.”

In addition to these updates, Roundtable TSMS 12.5 includes other GUI client, plug-in client, and server enhancements. To learn more about Roundtable TSMS 12.5 and to see the full list of new and enhanced features, read the Roundtable TSMS 12.5 Update Bulletin.

About Roundtable Software

Roundtable Software delivers the leading Software Configuration Management solution for Progress OpenEdge development. Fortune 500 companies to SMBs worldwide trust Roundtable TSMS and its complementary solutions to manage the entire software development lifecycle of their proprietary and purchased applications. Its solutions reduce time-to-market, improve product quality, and ensure IT compliance. Roundtable Software is a Progress Technology Alliance Partner.