Roundtable Announces Availability of Roundtable TSMS 12.2

Delivers productivity and user experience enhancements

Franklin, TN – Roundtable® Software has announced the availability of the next release of its industry-leading software configuration management solution Roundtable TSMS 12.2. With 12.2, Roundtable has added productivity and user experience enhancements to both its traditional GUI client and plug-in for Progress Developers Studio for OpenEdge.

“We use the tagline ‘What Matters Most’ often when we talk about what Roundtable TSMS delivers for our customers. The 12.2 release remains aligned with that mission, ” explains Jaclyn Barnard, Director of Business Development at Roundtable Software. “Our customers, whether they are SMB or Fortune 500 companies, are managing the development of large, sophisticated Progress OpenEdge enterprise applications. What’s essential to them is what is essential to us — that the tools they trust continue to drive productivity and deliver quality applications while also evolving in ways both big and small that show we are paying attention to end user feedback as well as actionable trends in our industry.”

New enhancements include:

Three-Way Visual Difference

Roundtable TSMS 12.2 introduces the ability to select up to three Object versions for comparison, allowing users to quickly compare two Object versions with a common ancestor rather than one.

“Since Roundtable TSMS allows users to hook into the visual compare tools of their choosing, it is important to fully support them. Many of the modern tools compare up to three versions of files,” says Roundtable Product Architect Jeff Ledbetter. “To fully support that is part of our ongoing commitment to our customers. We want them to be able to leverage the best of what’s available to them.”

Stored User Credentials

Roundtable TSMS 12.2 adds the ability to locally store user credentials when using the Roundtable TSMS GUI client, replicating one of the conveniences already available in the Roundtable TSMS plug-in client.

Move New Objects Between Product Modules

Roundtable TSMS 12.2 introduces the ability to move new Objects between Product Modules, allowing an action as simple as a drag-and-drop to correct a misplaced Object before there are any ramifications.

Workspace Integrity Check API

Roundtable TSMS 12.2 adds a new point of integration with the Workspace Integrity Check API.

“For many of our customers, Roundtable TSMS is an integral part of a well-developed CI/CD pipeline.  It is not unusual for them to want to verify the integrity of their source Workspaces before moving changes downstream,” says Ledbetter. “Having this API will allow users to easily accomplish that task.”

In addition to these updates, Roundtable TSMS 12.2 includes more enhancements and bug fixes for the GUI client, plug-in client, and server. To learn more and to see the full list of new and enhanced features, read the Roundtable TSMS 12.2 Update Bulletin.

About Roundtable Software

Roundtable Software delivers the leading Software Configuration Management solution for Progress OpenEdge development. Fortune 500 companies to SMBs worldwide trust Roundtable TSMS and its complementary solutions to manage the entire software development lifecycle of their proprietary and purchased applications. Its solutions reduce time-to-market, improve product quality, and ensure IT compliance. Roundtable Software is a Progress Technology Alliance Partner.