Roundtable Announces Availability of Roundtable TSMS 12.1

Delivers performance, productivity, and user experience enhancements

Franklin, TN – Roundtable® Software has announced the availability of the next release of its industry-leading software configuration management solution Roundtable TSMS 12.1. With 12.1, Roundtable has added performance, productivity, and user experience enhancements to both its traditional GUI client and plug-in for Progress Developers Studio for OpenEdge.

“In this iteration of Roundtable TSMS, we continued our focus on adding value where our customers appreciate it the most. Our customers understand that delivering a high-quality software application not only saves them time and money from unnecessary revision efforts but, more importantly, buoys product confidence from their end users and solidifies their reputations,” explains Jaclyn Barnard, Director of Business Development at Roundtable Software.

“Commitment to quality is everything,” Barnard adds. “New features in 12.1 support this commitment by providing features that not only quickly find or isolate the root cause of a problem but also provide the means to more easily report the ongoing status of the solution to those outside looking in.”

New enhancements include:

Blame / Praise Reporting

Roundtable TSMS 12.1 introduces the ability to identify line by line changes to an Object by developer and version, reducing the time and effort in identifying by whom or in which version a change has been introduced.

Workspace Contents Search

Roundtable TSMS 12.1 adds the ability to search for any given text within the Workspace contents, allowing users to quickly find references in their codebase that are not available in Roundtable TSMS impact analysis views.

“While the Xref and Where Used features of Roundtable allow you to easily identify relationships between Objects or find references in your code, that sometimes only gets you 90% of the way,” says Roundtable Lead Architect Jeff Ledbetter. “Having the ability to search the Workspace contents for a specific string, without having to use a third-party tool, fills in the gap and delivers an integrated solution.”

Jira Integration

In direct response to customer requests, Roundtable TSMS 12.1 introduces its first out-of-the-box integration with an issue tracking solution. Currently a beta feature, the Jira integration in 12.1 enables users to search for a Jira issue, associate it with a corresponding Roundtable TSMS Task, and update the issue status – all from within Roundtable TSMS. The new feature eliminates the need for users to toggle between two systems – Jira and Roundtable TSMS – to begin work on and update the status of an issue.

“When we surveyed our customers last year, a majority were using Jira for issue management. This is the first step toward, hopefully, a more in-depth integration,” says Roundtable Lead Architect Jeff Ledbetter. “We decided to release this integration as open source so our customers can modify it as needed to work with other tools as well and share their successes with the Roundtable community.”

In addition to these updates, Roundtable TSMS 12.1 includes more enhancements and bug fixes for the GUI client, plug-in client, and server. To learn more and to see the full list of new and enhanced features, read the Roundtable TSMS 12.1 Update Bulletin.


About Roundtable Software
Roundtable Software delivers the leading Software Configuration Management solution for Progress OpenEdge development. Fortune 500 companies to SMBs worldwide trust Roundtable TSMS and its complementary solutions to manage the entire software development lifecycle of their proprietary and purchased applications. Its solutions reduce time-to-market, improve product quality, and ensure IT compliance. Roundtable Software is a Progress Technology Alliance Partner.