Roundtable Announces Availability of Roundtable TSMS 12.0

Delivers performance, productivity, and user experience enhancements to ensure continuous delivery, compliance, and tracking

Franklin, TN – Roundtable® Software has announced the availability of the next major release of its industry-leading software configuration management solution Roundtable TSMS 12.0. With 12.0, Roundtable has added performance, productivity, and user experience enhancements to accelerate and optimize developer processes while ensuring continuous delivery, compliance, and tracking.

“This major release reinforces our ongoing commitment to providing OpenEdge development teams with the modern features and functionality they need to optimize the change management process,” explains Jaclyn Barnard, Director of Business Development at Roundtable Software. “In response to the digital age, which now requires faster, more sophisticated and compliant IT environments, Roundtable TSMS 12.0 enables our customers to accelerate the change management process while maintaining accuracy, compliance, and complete visibility.”

New key enhancements include:

Smart Compilation
Roundtable TSMS 12.0 introduces Product Module, Import List, and Date Range as filter options for Smart Compilation. These enhancements:

  • Improve the user experience by enabling more intuitive filtering and selective compilation of only what is needed
  • Significantly reduce the time required for the compilation process

Non-blocking Compilation
For developers using the Roundtable plug-in to Progress Developers Studio, Roundtable TSMS 12.0 now enables them to send longer-running compilations to the background. Developers can continue working in Roundtable TSMS in parallel to the compilation process, improving their productivity and efficiency.

“Overall, we wanted to speed up the process of continuous integration and getting changes through the application lifecycle: part of that includes improving compilation time,” explains Jeff Ledbetter, Roundtable Product Architect. “The ability to perform a targeted selective compile based on your most recent import, as well as running compilation in the background, will significantly improve productivity and eliminate some unnecessary overhead.”

Optional Task Subdirectories
In direct response to customer requests, Roundtable TSMS 12.0 makes the creation of a Task subdirectory optional via a user-preference, adding flexibility to the plug-in.

“When setting up local test environments, having to change the PROPATH to test specific Task changes can be burdensome in a fast-paced environment,” says Roundtable Software Engineer Randall K. Harp. “The ability to turn off Task subdirectories in your project allows you to better tailor local test environments based on specific developer needs.”

Enforce Version Update Notes
Also in direct response to customer requests, Roundtable TSMS 12.0 now offers an optional out-of-the-box feature that requires all users to enter version update notes prior to committing changes. This enhancement:

  • Eliminates the need to build customizations to Roundtable TSMS to enforce this requirement
  • Reinforces the primary reasons for using Roundtable TSMS—to ensure IT compliance, optimize audit tracking, and improve research by quickly tying a change back to the original change request

Object Variants and Import Reporting
Roundtable recognizes the sophisticated nature of its customers’ development efforts. In Roundtable TSMS 12.0, improvements to the Import Analysis Report and the addition of the Object Variants report enable customers to:

  • Better identify application changes as they are moved through the life-cycle
  • Research the potential impact that changes will have on object variants

In addition to these updates, Roundtable TSMS 12.0 includes a number of other new and enhanced GUI client, plug-in client, and server enhancements. To learn more about Roundtable TSMS 12.0 and to see the full list of new and enhanced features, read the Roundtable TSMS 12.0 Update Bulletin.

About Roundtable Software
Roundtable Software delivers the leading Software Configuration Management solution for Progress OpenEdge development. Fortune 500 companies to SMBs worldwide trust Roundtable TSMS and its complementary solutions to manage the entire software development lifecycle of their proprietary and purchased applications. Its solutions reduce time-to-market, improve product quality, and ensure IT compliance. Roundtable Software is a Progress Technology Alliance Partner.